Maand: januari 2015

  • NKBV Lead Finals – Highline Demo

    NKBV Lead Finals – Highline Demo

    Text by David Photos by Leonard Fäustle ( Coffee. Some eggs. Some more coffee. Hours before sunrise, cycling to central station to grab the train, for an hour of snoozing. Strolling along Amsterdam canals in the crisp winter air, sipping another hot black coffee and starting to stop being asleep, clouds transforming in the morning […]

  • Belgium Dreams and Disappointments

    Belgium Dreams and Disappointments

    Text by TomPhotos by: Martin Watters www.martinwatters.comAfter having some great experiences in Belgium with highlining recently, we decided to try and repeat one of the most beautiful urban lines in Belgium. Already established by BeSlackers, 40 meters long and 40 meters high between two old mine cranes, it would be a great way to enjoy […]

  • Jonas slacklining in 2014

    Jonas slacklining in 2014

    Jonas Konijnenberg 2014 2014 already sounds like a year ago. But my memories are still fresh. Last year a lot of things I’ve achieved which made me proud. I would like to share some of these activities with you. This video contains a lot of footage from the last year. For the story behind the […]