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Double knee drop on a highline
Ropeswing de tijd van je leven Blavet

Ropeswing – de tijd van je leven

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Meet the Team

Dream Walkers athletes



Rigger, Longliner, Highliner & Jumpliner

Can setup a slackline anywhere, a rigging specialist. Loves to play around on highlines and longlines; surfing, bouncing and enjoying the view in exposure.



Longliner & Highliner

Combines extensive travels (35+ countries) with highlining. Is also one of the leaders of the slackline scene in The Netherlands. Loves the calm vibe of a morning longline/highline session.



Jumpliner, Highliner & Longliner

Jonas specialises in tricks on highlines. Competed in TV shows as 'Holland's Got Talent'. The only full time slackline instructor in Benelux and is an advanced trickliner.



Longliner & Highliner

Loves to smash records holds the world record for the longest polyester line at 405 meters (http://on.fb.me/1FS191B) and is Dutch Highline record holder with a 101m highline (http://on.fb.me/1wp9BTz).
We are Dream Walkers, a team of four highliners living in The Netherlands. Our common passion is slacklining, and especially at great heights, which is called highlining. With Dream Walkers we are hoping to spread our passion and inspire others to also realize their dreams. Through our highlining we want to show everybody that accomplishing your dreams is not as far away as you might think. What started once as a dream for us, is now a daily reality.

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Dream Walkers at your event

We love to spread our passion on events, fairs and festivals
With our skills on highlines we can not only entertain ourselves, but also your crowd! Whether you are organizing a festival, trade fair, show or some other event, highline shows are sure to captivate the attention of your audience. Since highlines can be seen from almost anywhere, they attract a lot of attention and are perfect for commercial marketing stunts. This unique sport also gathers lots of media attention, as you can see further on our site. We also want to inspire people with our shows to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and dare to chase your dreams. An activity like highlining seems out of the ordinary and almost like a dream to many people, including ourselves a few years ago. By taking it one step at a time we managed to turn those dreams into reality. Through our highline shows we want people to realize that dreams are closer than one might think, whether it’s in sports, academics, arts or relationships.

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