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Highline Workshop

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by Tom Peek

Slacklining is a sport that’s easy to pick up and practice by yourself, but almost impossible to master alone. Whether it’s the extensive knowledge required to get into longlining and highlining, the occasional motivational talks that help you push your own boundaries, or the great vibes spread throughout the slackline community, no one gets there alone. For us, the road to becoming solid highliners is marked by those that came before us and spread the stoke. I recall that knowledge on gear and highlining skills was hard to come by. Hours and hours were spent roaming the internet, to try and learn from more knowledgeable people than myself. Upon trying my first highline, I found out that only learning in theory was not sufficient, and I barely had any practical skills to help me overcome such a huge challenge. Also, I found out that trying to learn something new is hard when you are in a new environment, 50 meters above the ground, trying to keep your composure. Through trial, error and dedication I eventually managed to kill my fears and doubts, all while keeping my body under perfect control, but I took a route that was hard, and far from perfect. Since we believe anyone, no matter their athletic and/or mental background can highline, we wanted to make the process easier by preparing everybody that is interested in highlining. To achieve this, we have chosen to give a number of workshops aimed at learning all the skills necessary for highlining.

A location to give a slackline workshop in winter times is hard to come by. Luckily, we are good friends with Loïs de Jong, owner of Magma Media and the driving force behind the development of urban and freestyle sports in Tilburg. Together with the municipality and Mundial Productions he arranged the use of a perfect hall for us. Endless metal structures still standing from old industrial use provide us with plenty of anchoring possibilities for all kinds of slacklines. However, a hall and good intentions is only the beginning.

With our workshops we want to create an environment where newcomers to slacklining have a safe environment to learn how to slackline, but we also want to cater to the more advanced slackliners. We tried to achieve this partly by rigging some tricklines and longlines with mats underneath so people can experiment freely, but mostly by giving workshops where we share knowledge and techniques that will aid you in becoming a better slackliner. To give the most educational workshops, we invited some slack liners from the Dutch community, who are really advanced in their field. It’s naïve to assume we know the most in all fields of slack lining and rigging. Also, these workshops are not about us, but giving a people the best opportunities to learn and get better and this is done the best when we have more people than just us 4 available. We had a nice workshop on tying knots, given by knotting and knitting lover Cor Vinke. Additionally, Luck van Nispen and Soraya Schultz gave a workshop on rodeolines.
Jonas, Yuri, David and I gave workshops on all the essential highline skills. We had different stations for learning a leash-climb, chongo mount or other sit-starts, rolling around the line and using a line-slide.

The day itself went perfect. From last edition we learned that 4 people is not nearly enough to make everything go right. With help from our loving girlfriends, sister and friends we had enough people to be everywhere and create a wonderful atmosphere. Before the workshops even started, we had over 60 slackliners inside that were enjoying themselves on a variety of different kind of lines. Once the workshops started, the huge hall seemed packed with slackliners. Coming from all over our country and far beyond, we had a perfect mix of newcomers and advanced people. I found myself being so busy talking to everybody and walking around helping people that I barely had any time to look around and enjoy the wonderful vibes. Then the workshops started, which were great fun to give. Having people full of energy, willing to learn and try hard is really energizing!

In the end, we had 130 slackliners attending our workshops. A number we couldn’t have hoped to achieve when the idea of giving workshops came to mind. Out of all these people, there were many familiar faces that I have encountered while slacklining all around the country myself. What surprised me was the amount of people that I didn’t know! There were countless of participants that were incredibly skilled and motivated that I had never even heard of. This showed me that our scene and sport is bigger than we thought before, which is great. Maybe most importantly it showed that there are indeed people that were in a position we were in years ago and that can benefit greatly from the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Reaching out to this specific crowd is exactly what we wanted to achieve with our workshop, and it’s safe to say it’s been even more successful than we could have dreamed.

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