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  • PureLock Review

    PureLock Review

    Hey everyone! Today, we’ll be writing a review about the PureLock, the new all-in-one linelocker from the Australian brand Pure Slacklines. Before I’ll get into detail, I must make a sidenote that I could be partly biased. I’m working for one of the major slackline brands at the moment (insiders know which one), and we […]

  • 405m World Record Longline

    405m World Record Longline

    Text by Yuri “I stared in the distance. The far, far point of the end in the distance. It was too far away to even think about walking this thing, this line, this beast completely, so I just stared down for a minute. Getting ready. A deep breath, and I stood up.” The idea August. […]

  • LONGline training – double 185m

    LONGline training – double 185m

    At the end of September, and the beginning of October, Tom and Yuri got 500 meters of heavy webbing to their disposal to train their longlining skills to the extremes. Tuesday morning, 23rd of September; it’s time! Time to get up early, carry 45kg of longlining gear to Leijpark, Tilburg, shut mind off the mind, […]