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  • Ropeswing – de tijd van je leven

    Ropeswing – de tijd van je leven

    In May 2015 we were asked by a Dutch TV produce house to set a ropeswing for a short item about a girl. Her dream was to do once a ropeswing and walk a highline. As we had experience with both, they decided that we were allowed to fix the ropeswing and highline for her. […]

  • Istanbul highline trip

    Istanbul highline trip

    Written by Yuri, photos by Can Sahin In a small car crammed with camping gear, two heavy weight highline rigs and space for 2 people. There were five of us. Things got interesting. Real interesting. Pretty much a masterclass in Tetris multiplied by Twister. We wound our way out of Istanbul at 10pm to camp […]

  • Highline show @ Moen

    Highline show @ Moen

    On the weekend of 21 & 22 september the Dream Walkers gave a highline show in Moen, Belgium. Kenny Belaey and Viki Gomez (both World Champion Trial bike/flatland BMX) Text underneath by David. Video by Jonas Travel, friends, adventure. All the right ingredients for an epic weekend. The whole Dream Walkers team had a highline […]

  • Holland’s Got Talent Highline

    Holland’s Got Talent Highline

    By Jonas Konijnenberg So, a couple of months ago my girlfriend encouraged me to participate in Holland’s got Talent. I wasn’t so motivated in the beginning, but it seemed like a nice challenge after some previous experiences with television and demonstrations. First, it was my plan to make a trickline show, as tricklining is much […]

  • Urban Highline in Amsterdam

    Urban Highline in Amsterdam

    Urban Highline in Amsterdam Urban Highline in Amsterdam In July 2014 Dream Walkers athletes Tom Peek and Jonas Konijnenberg established a new highline in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The lines were set up between two formal offices. They were named after the street name where the buildings are placed combined with their length. Wild-35 and Wild-55Report […]