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Jonas slacklining in 2014

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by Jonas Konijnenberg

Jonas Konijnenberg 2014

2014 already sounds like a year ago. But my memories are still fresh. Last year a lot of things I’ve achieved which made me proud. I would like to share some of these activities with you.
This video contains a lot of footage from the last year. For the story behind the movie; read the following stories:

Indoor trainings Amsterdam

After 2 years of lobbying and attempts to take slacklining indoor in Amsterdam, finally I’ve got my own group of slackline ‘students’. I learned them to slackline, but more important I showed them how to play. The lessons are still going on and they rock!

Pushing my limits on long- and highlines

In 2014 I started practising longline more and more. After a couple of sessions I broke the 100m barrier. I felt super stoked after this step and kept on training on double lines and heavy webbings. Let’s see what 2015 will bring me for nice lengths 🙂
The highlines longer than 40m were still quite a challenge, but during the end of the summer everything underneath this length I onsighted 🙂 In 2015 I definetely want to break the 50m barrier.

Highline shows

Ooh, a real dream came true in 2014. We, as Dreamwalkers, did some four really nice highline shows.
The first show I did was the Holland’s got talent highline. Big spotlights, a blown up circus and hilarious comments; it was a good experience, but still I prefer nature for highlines 😉
Mundial festival was the first show were we acted as team Dreamwalkers. The perfect hall for a show, with two highlines set we were able to show everyone one the festival what our passion is. Later the hall became our training location.

Moen was out biggest show so far. We built a highline from a crane to the church. Super scary, because the crane was constantly moving. But, walking towards the crane gave you a beautifull look over the city!

The last show of the year was in a climbing show, during the National Champioships lead climbing. We had fun during the day together as a team, during the evening we performed and had even more fun! It was nice to show these climbers our outdoor activity, as they understood the difficulty.
The show was super strong; when someone was ready with his short act on the line, the next one started immediately as we had two leashes.

Streetkicks; organizing a slackline contest

In August I organized as Slacktivity a jumpline contest during Antwerp Street Kicks. Street Kicks is an event for extreme sports in the city of Antwerp. During the contest there were constantly 200-300 people looking at the slackline. The slackline had a perfect length; around 21 m and a real nice winner; Floris Verbiest. He showed us his talent on the slackline, I am curious what he will throw down in 2015… Double buttflips?
It made me happy to give starting slackliners a podium to show their tricks to an audience.

Organizing an indoor slackline Jam

We organized the first national indoor slackline jam in the Netherlands. We gave some workshops in highline skills, like leash climbing and line-ups. In total there were around 90 persons. The day gave me the perfect mood; I was so relaxed because everyone was having fun. No stress at all!

Thanks for reading! In case you’re interested in my last year’s video…

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