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  • Extraschicht Kultur

    Extraschicht Kultur

    Highline Show Extraschicht Part 1 by Jonas Some good friends of ours from Germany, Basti Aldehoff and Claas Lendt invited us help present a highline show at a cultural night in the Ruhr Area, Germany. The night was called “Extraschicht, Die Nacht der Indrustriekultur” (The Night of Industrial Culture). The Ruhr is former Germany’s biggest […]

  • Kraok Festival

    Kraok Festival

    Written by Tom Just before summer, Yuri called me with the good news that we landed a show at the end of summer, 5 kilometers from Tilburg. The upcoming summer had us all stoked, and the feeling of returning to a highline show in front of a home crowd only added to that. The lack […]

  • Ropeswing – de tijd van je leven

    Ropeswing – de tijd van je leven

    In May 2015 we were asked by a Dutch TV produce house to set a ropeswing for a short item about a girl. Her dream was to do once a ropeswing and walk a highline. As we had experience with both, they decided that we were allowed to fix the ropeswing and highline for her. […]

  • NKBV Lead Finals – Highline Demo

    NKBV Lead Finals – Highline Demo

    Text by David Photos by Leonard Fäustle ( Coffee. Some eggs. Some more coffee. Hours before sunrise, cycling to central station to grab the train, for an hour of snoozing. Strolling along Amsterdam canals in the crisp winter air, sipping another hot black coffee and starting to stop being asleep, clouds transforming in the morning […]

  • Highline show @ Moen

    Highline show @ Moen

    On the weekend of 21 & 22 september the Dream Walkers gave a highline show in Moen, Belgium. Kenny Belaey and Viki Gomez (both World Champion Trial bike/flatland BMX) Text underneath by David. Video by Jonas Travel, friends, adventure. All the right ingredients for an epic weekend. The whole Dream Walkers team had a highline […]

  • Holland’s Got Talent Highline

    Holland’s Got Talent Highline

    By Jonas Konijnenberg So, a couple of months ago my girlfriend encouraged me to participate in Holland’s got Talent. I wasn’t so motivated in the beginning, but it seemed like a nice challenge after some previous experiences with television and demonstrations. First, it was my plan to make a trickline show, as tricklining is much […]

  • Highline show @ Mundial Festival

    Highline show @ Mundial Festival

    Highline Show @ Mundial Festival 2014 By Tom Peek (pictures by Marijn Haertel) A few months after coming up with the idea of Dream Walkers, we were facing our first highline show as a team. It was really fitting that this show was happening in Tilburg, the home of Yuri and I. Also the first […]

  • Highline Show @ RockSteady Bussum

    Highline Show @ RockSteady Bussum

    Highline show @ RockSteady Bussum During the break before the finals of the National Students Championships of Lead Climbing in 2013 the Dream Walkers performed a highline Show. Yuri, Tom and Jonas showed their skills on the highline that went totally across the climbing hall. Jonas and Tom showed some pretty hard moves on the […]