Double knee drop on a highline

Kraok Festival

Written by TomnnnJust before summer, Yuri called me with the good news that we landed a show at the end of summer, 5 kilometers from Tilburg. The upcoming summer had us all stoked, and the feeling of returning to a highline show in front of a home crowd only added to that. The lack of mountains usually makes it a bit more difficult to rig a highline, but fortunately Yuri assured us that we had plenty of solid, tall trees to anchor our lines to. nnAfter a great, long summer of highlines and adventures we had the luxury of coming home to a highline show! Kraok Festival was where we could showcase our skills. The relaxed family-oriented festival with music, arts and lots of activities for kids was a perfect atmosphere for us. After some messing around with a 10m ladder, some tree climbing, and an easy setup, the line was done. It was a funny feeling to highline between the trees. Usually, we are surrounded by open space and below us are rocks. Now we were surrounded by trees and all we could see was green leaves. nnThe change of scenery inspired us to entertain everybody that came to watch us, and we had a great day. Yuri, Jonas and I all showed off by surfing and bouncing the line, going for some (non)exposures and some blindfolded walks. Till next time! n







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